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I have to admit, when I saw this spot run on USA Network, I initially thought it was a PPV event. Everything from John Garry‘s voiceover to the show itself didn’t exactly have that quirky, intelligent, yet loveable character about it that is so USA. Instead, it was an edgier, yet still fun, “sporting” event (I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this form of wrestling is a sport.) That’s why this on-air promo stood out.

I won’t get into the ratings (good or bad) as others can discuss USA TV shows and their ratings much better than I can, but I have to say that this spot is somewhat refreshing in a sea of sameness across the network. I wouldn’t be surprised if it runs cross-network a lot!



My New Three Amigos

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So, I’m late to the party – as usual – and just started watching Burn Notice on USA. My new friends, Michael, Sam, and Fiona, have become a mainstay in my studio as I watch episode after episode OnDemand. But today, USA gave me a gift in the form of a Burn Notice marathon! As you can guess, I got absolutely no work done today beyond what was absolutely necessary. What can I say? I have an addictive personality.

The marathon’s promo is fantastic! In twenty seconds (nineteen actually) you get what the series and lead character are all about – fun, drama,┬ásuspense, and explosions. Sometimes all at once! Now, I usually just listen to promos in the background and whatever turns my head I record. But this promo was special. Not because I love the series, but because if you close your eyes you will notice that it can also double as a radio spot! Not many promos can pull that off.

The SOT’s, the voiceover, the writing, and the edits all work to make an arresting (no pun intended) presentation of the the series – whether or not you’re looking at the screen.

Enjoy! And see you tonight at 9PM Eastern for a new episode! Boom!

Man, I sound like I’m being paid for this, but it really is that good!