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Story Matters for the Dead

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I was watching Unbreakable (don’t judge me) on AMC, when this on-air promo came on for their much talked about new series, The Walking Dead. Now, I’m a sucker for awesome motion graphics design and a well placed voice-over narration, but I’m a bigger sucker for story. And this spot has it.

An unexpected approach for what, on the surface, might seem like a drawn-out zombie movie; it’s also an answer to a question that crossed my mind when they were first promoting the series, “How will they get Mad Menites and Rubigeeks [just coined those – thank you very much] to watch this?” Well, it seems that “story” does indeed matter at AMC.

In addition to looking beyond the surface of rotting flesh, this on-air promo does exactly what I stated about a previous Mad Men promo – it pulls double-duty by telling the story of the show as well as branding the network.

For the life of me, a couple of years ago, I couldn’t tell the difference between AMC and TCM. Not anymore!



Mad Brilliant

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This promo caught my attention because it not only does what it’s supposed to do – promote the next episode – but also goes a step further – recap the previous episode. And if that wasn’t enough, it works as a branding spot for AMC as well.

By doing so, it not only gets fans excited but could possibly draw in new eyes, while hammering home the fact that AMC is no longer just ol’ school flics. Brilliant!