I was watching Unbreakable (don’t judge me) on AMC, when this on-air promo came on for their much talked about new series, The Walking Dead. Now, I’m a sucker for awesome motion graphics design and a well placed voice-over narration, but I’m a bigger sucker for story. And this spot has it.

An unexpected approach for what, on the surface, might seem like a drawn-out zombie movie; it’s also an answer to a question that crossed my mind when they were first promoting the series, “How will they get Mad Menites and Rubigeeks [just coined those – thank you very much] to watch this?” Well, it seems that “story” does indeed matter at AMC.

In addition to looking beyond the surface of rotting flesh, this on-air promo does exactly what I stated about a previous Mad Men promo – it pulls double-duty by telling the story of the show as well as branding the network.

For the life of me, a couple of years ago, I couldn’t tell the difference between AMC and TCM. Not anymore!


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