It was a long day at Daytona, but there were definitely some standouts that were worth watching for.

First Place:

The winner has to be this “24” promo. It’s cinematic in scale. The cuts. The music. The narration (by Ashton Smith, whom you’ll also hear on the much buzzed-about A-Team trailer.) I’ve never before gotten so excited in 20-seconds (except for that one time in college.)

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Second Place:

In second place, is a cross-network promo for FX‘s upcoming new show “Justified.” The high contrast creates a dark and edgy canvas. Add to that the juxtaposition of bullet-time versus real-time and you’ve got a unique combination of excitement and suspense. Nice touch at the end with the country-tinged hip-hop. With that said, this dude gets no awards for stealth.

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Third Place:

Bringing up the rear is what I thought to be a Syfy promo (complete with Phil Terrence’s narration) that someone accidentally slapped some Fox graphics on. Someone needs to check these things before they air.

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Honorary Mention:

OK, I just made up this position in a feeble attempt to show more blue people and embed yet another Avatar video. Let me know when this loses its freshness.

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Speaking of Syfy – I’ve had it on all day in the studio watching the “V” Original Miniseries Marathon. No sign yet of that “Past Life” promo (or Phil Terrence.) Hmmm… Maybe it is a Fox show after all. Maybe.